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+ [2019-05-24T13:17:09Z] jaybe :)
+ [2019-05-24T13:16:50Z] supajulia A nice day to you all :)
+ [2019-05-24T13:16:43Z] supajulia All working as intended now. Thanks for making Jekyll, it's really an awesome project
+ [2019-05-24T13:16:19Z] supajulia So! As crazy as it sounds, I just had to set 'permalink: /' in my and 'permalink: /stories/' in In case it might help another silly head like me ;p
+ [2019-05-24T11:49:37Z] supajulia If you know what's wrong, I'd really appreciate your help
+ [2019-05-24T11:48:48Z] supajulia I posted my config and front matter here:
+ [2019-05-24T11:48:34Z] supajulia Almost spent the whole morning trying to understand how to get this done, but still unsuccessful… Right now, I have "Home" showing only "story" posts when it should display "tidbit" posts instead. As for the "Stories" page, it just returns a Not Found error.
+ [2019-05-24T11:48:33Z] supajulia I have two categories on my website, "story" and "tidbit". I'd like the "Home" page to show only posts from the "tidbit" category. And to have another page "Stories" showing only posts from the "story" category.
+ [2019-05-24T11:48:33Z] supajulia Hi! Is it okay to ask for help with plugins? I managed to get jekyll-paginate-v2 working, but not like I'd want it to.
+ [2019-05-24T04:15:56Z] sixfingeredamish for example, R&D is displayed as R&D
+ [2019-05-24T04:13:48Z] sixfingeredamish Does anyone know how to fix issues with & not displaying correctly?
+ [2019-05-22T18:48:05Z] midzer happy jekylling :)
+ [2019-05-22T18:47:00Z] geophertz that's the case
+ [2019-05-22T18:46:31Z] geophertz midzer: There is not to be sorry lol. TBH doing it manually isn't a problem for me
+ [2019-05-22T18:46:29Z] midzer yeah, i think in your markdown it starts with ## for a heading
+ [2019-05-22T18:45:58Z] midzer your first heading h1 is mostly derived from its title
+ [2019-05-22T18:45:46Z] midzer sorry
+ [2019-05-22T18:45:41Z] midzer ahh, no
+ [2019-05-22T18:45:10Z] midzer *not