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+ [2019-04-19T03:37:35Z] Jahnertz Just one more question: When installing plugins is it necessary to require them in _plugins/ext.rb? Some tuts mention this, most dont.
+ [2019-04-19T03:33:10Z] xmn np
+ [2019-04-19T03:32:53Z] Jahnertz aye, thanks.
+ [2019-04-19T03:32:35Z] xmn You might have better luck posting in on github.
+ [2019-04-19T03:31:52Z] xmn yeah it looked a bit stale. But you never know.
+ [2019-04-19T03:31:19Z] Jahnertz Thanks xmn! I've looked through the first but it's outdated. I've been re-reading the github but it hasn't given any clues.
+ [2019-04-19T03:28:23Z] xmn don't know fi these are of any help. Sorry
+ [2019-04-19T03:28:12Z] xmn and
+ [2019-04-19T03:27:14Z] xmn haven't used it before. Perhaps some demo might be a better place to start if you haven't. It's often very quite here. I found this though,
+ [2019-04-19T02:12:55Z] Jahnertz Can someone clear this up for me? I installed jekyll-assets with bundler, renamed the 'assets' dir to '_assets' and built my site with bundle exec. It seems to have processed images but not sass (sass is compiled but the output isn't minified or fingerprinted and no source map generated)
+ [2019-04-15T14:25:58Z] seds I tried using asciidoc.js instead, but having issues with syntax errors
+ [2019-04-15T14:25:37Z] seds Hi guys, question: I am using a custom Jekyll theme template which works great, however, post my posts and some pages I would like to use asciidoc instead of markdown. I installed asciidoc plugin together with the CSS, however, when I go to that asciidoc page, the CSS is overwriting my other css. How can I make that CSS for my content only?
+ [2019-04-14T23:21:03Z] oksushi cryptic0: see
+ [2019-04-14T21:58:36Z] cryptic0 I noticed that many jekyll themes do not come with any gemfiles. How are those supposed to work?
+ [2019-04-12T17:34:25Z] Sound Hi all. I have a Jekyll plugin that fetches some data and creates a file in _data/. However this data file seems to be unavailable during the subsequent build. If I run the build again, it is found. So it seems that _data/ files are being read before my plugin runs. Is this true?
+ [2019-04-12T12:06:54Z] jaybe kevin_flynn: jekyll_pagination-v2
+ [2019-04-12T12:02:34Z] kevin_flynn i don't know how to use pagination in my site
+ [2019-04-12T11:42:13Z] dreamer you can talk to people here. please don't bother me without any reason
+ [2019-04-12T11:39:32Z] dreamer KevinFlynn: why are you sending me a private message?