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+ [2019-03-17T20:01:30Z] gsilvapt Yes, I confirmed with a pre html tag that site.pages is not encoding characters properly, even with encoding: utf-8 in the config file. Can anyone help?
+ [2019-03-17T19:35:28Z] gsilvapt It's pretty much not parsing characters. What can I do?
+ [2019-03-17T19:35:09Z] gsilvapt Hello everyone. I have this iteration through all project's directories and it's causing some issues with characters encoding.
+ [2019-03-16T10:38:26Z] xmn Not out of the woods yet, but closer! Still testing :D Thanks for being my good luck charm .. lol
+ [2019-03-16T10:37:50Z] xmn yeah, got to watch out for the let get updated cuz it better mind set.
+ [2019-03-16T10:13:54Z] xmn testing ... trying not to get too happy ...yet :)
+ [2019-03-16T10:13:25Z] xmn Holy crap! I may have just figured it out. I copied the old kramdown-1.16.2 back into my gems dir vs the 2.1.0 and now it seems to be working.
+ [2019-03-16T09:58:49Z] xmn nope still not working. But just saw "--trace" will try and add that to the build cmd see what it tells me.
+ [2019-03-16T09:56:48Z] xmn I can try it again
+ [2019-03-16T09:56:29Z] xmn Sadly it was throwing the error before I added GFM to the config.yml file
+ [2019-03-16T09:56:10Z] kristian_on_linu that's probably something you do with ruby
+ [2019-03-16T09:55:39Z] kristian_on_linu you can have different version of jekyll running, I believe
+ [2019-03-16T09:55:20Z] xmn so I may need to try and boot up another OS and follow the new install instruction and see if it still not working. Just don't want to deal with that yet. Hoping it's something small.
+ [2019-03-16T09:54:00Z] xmn I feel like they changed the way it works for me from jekyll old 3.4.3 vs current 3.8.5
+ [2019-03-16T09:53:39Z] kristian_on_linu can change GFM into something else? Like plain kramdown ...?