+ [2015-09-28T17:18:33Z] Nevik that's probably why you didnt see it at first
+ [2015-09-28T17:18:39Z] EvilDMP we spent a week looking at a CNAME file that said na.python.org instead of na.pycon.org....
+ [2015-09-28T17:19:13Z] Nevik understandable mistake, though in that case, unlucky choice of name for the convention :P
+ [2015-09-28T21:32:21Z] radsy :(
+ [2015-09-28T23:37:09Z] urda ?

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Posted by howdoi in #github at 2015-09-28T11:08:51Z

anyone had faced the same?
+ [2015-09-29T08:48:43Z] solewalker Hey people, what is the maximum repo size limit in github? 1 GB is recommended but what if my repo is over 1GB or 2GB?
+ [2015-09-29T08:48:43Z] solewalker In bitbucket 2GB is hard limit, so push to the repo will be disabled until repo size is reduced under 2GB
+ [2015-09-29T08:49:54Z] solewalker Is there any hard limit for github?
+ [2015-09-29T08:54:58Z] tobiasvl solewalker: https://help.github.com/articles/working-with-large-files/
+ [2015-09-29T08:55:36Z] tobiasvl hmm, that didn't actually say repo size