+ [2015-10-15T15:09:22Z] schalkneethling rake watch however throws the same error
+ [2015-10-15T15:20:43Z] schalkneethling ooooh ti seems el capitan related :( https://github.com/imathis/octopress/issues/1749
+ [2015-10-26T06:04:48Z] howdoi anyone awake ?
+ [2015-10-26T06:05:09Z] howdoi turning off smart quotes is not reflecting, am I missing something?

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Posted by howdoi in #octopress at 2015-10-26T06:04:48Z

anyone awake ?
+ [2015-11-23T22:04:35Z] quarters hi. I was wondering if there's a plugin that allows you to add posts through your browser rather than typing in "rake new_post["foo"]" and then editing the post in a text editor
+ [2016-02-21T13:18:11Z] kajus_ Hey guys, is there a way to put a single post on a page? I mean, I have created a separate page, and I would only like it to display one of my posts (from _posts directory).
+ [2016-02-22T11:00:31Z] Z-Chymera Hi octopressers - I followed the guide and can't deploy my site. Nobody on google seems to ever have had my issue: https://github.com/octopress/deploy/issues/69 - can you help me out?
+ [2016-02-25T19:26:53Z] Z-Chymera hi guys, octopress deploy seems to not work with S3. Can you hekp me out? this is really reventing me from blogging with octopress :-/
+ [2016-03-02T11:07:25Z] deg0nz hi