+ [2016-04-10T18:33:40Z] JyZyXEL is there one for commit?
+ [2016-04-10T18:37:01Z] jhass just paste the commit sha (short version should work too I think)
+ [2016-04-10T18:37:41Z] JyZyXEL ah yes
+ [2016-04-10T22:18:59Z] whatevsz not verified retroactively) or am i doing something wrong?
+ [2016-04-10T22:18:59Z] whatevsz hi! i rewrote all the commits of my project to change the author email and sign the commits with GPG. commit made since then get the green "verified" tag in github, but all commits made before the GPG key was added to github are still "unverified", reason being "The email in this signature doesn't match the committer email". i verified email and signature, they match, and are the same as the new verified commits. is this intended (signatures are

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Posted by rook2pawn in #github at 2016-04-10T03:43:30Z

which is not true
+ [2016-04-11T01:46:39Z] dibblego hello, the two factor authentication code fails when attempting to log in
+ [2016-04-11T02:25:38Z] neurotech Hi everyone. When I run git tag in my repo locally, I see a list of tags. When I look at the repository's tags on GitHub I don't see any (https://github.com/neurotech/rollbar-relay/tags) - how can I fix this?
+ [2016-04-11T02:26:29Z] neurotech Ah. Just found git push origin --tags nevermind. :)
+ [2016-04-11T06:20:20Z] VictorBjelkholm it's just me or the git.tags API is not working correctly? I'm trying to get the tag associated with this commit: https://github.com/VictorBjelkholm/trymodule/commit/5e60e11a80eaf273eb4c78f10f355d04a160066c with this API call: https://api.github.com/repos/VictorBjelkholm/trymodule/git/tags/5e60e11a80eaf273eb4c78f10f355d04a160066c
+ [2016-04-11T06:20:26Z] VictorBjelkholm something I'm doing wrong? Can't figure it out...