+ [2016-05-23T20:57:51Z] Zarthus I was unaware of that VxJasonxV
+ [2016-05-23T20:57:57Z] Zarthus that's good knowledge to have
+ [2016-05-23T21:12:41Z] tom_mai78101 Thanks to VxJasonxV, I have finally understood why Travis CI "script" keyword meant.
+ [2016-05-23T21:13:03Z] tom_mai78101 That "script" refers to what command you wished to execute in an isolated shell environment.
+ [2016-05-23T21:13:19Z] tom_mai78101 And it doesn't mean you are required to specify a script file. :/

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Posted by Remram in #github at 2016-05-23T01:36:04Z

kinda like 'favorites'
+ [2016-05-24T00:25:34Z] Oksana I have heard about github.io ; is it on-topic here? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.io#Controversy http://finance.yahoo.com/news/uk-government-denies-receiving-io-165258765.html https://gigaom.com/2014/06/30/the-dark-side-of-io-how-the-u-k-is-making-web-domain-profits-from-a-shady-cold-war-land-deal/
+ [2016-05-24T00:29:39Z] VxJasonxV Oksana: none of those articles have anything to do with github.io
+ [2016-05-24T00:30:30Z] VxJasonxV I mean, I guess GitHub's domain registration fees for github.io is part of it, sure, but as far as the controversy you're referencing is concerned, GitHub has no hand in it.
+ [2016-05-24T00:30:37Z] VxJasonxV and there are *so many* .io domains
+ [2016-05-24T00:31:17Z] VxJasonxV rvm.io, bundler.io, and more that I can't even think of. Even I'm planning on registering a .io domain of my own soon