+ [2016-05-27T21:43:20Z] mdw not sure why they would be different however
+ [2016-05-27T21:49:12Z] Zarthus mdw: I imagine it's the "commited with $x"
+ [2016-05-27T21:49:28Z] Zarthus pretty sure it is different for cherry picks
+ [2016-05-27T21:49:42Z] Zarthus the exact specifics I am not sure of
+ [2016-05-27T21:50:01Z] Zarthus here is one commit where I botched up and forgot to set my git info: https://github.com/znc/znc/commits/master

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Posted by Zarthus in #github at 2016-05-27T21:49:12Z

mdw: I imagine it's the "commited with $x"
+ [2016-05-28T11:14:53Z] mdw Can anyone explain the difference between an Author and a Committer for a Pull Request Commit API
+ [2016-05-28T11:14:53Z] mdw GET /repos/:owner/:repo/pulls/:number/commits
+ [2016-05-28T11:14:57Z] mdw each commit has both an author and committer