+ [2016-05-28T19:43:41Z] mdw a merge event, and a closed event
+ [2016-05-28T19:44:11Z] mdw i guess I could probably ignore the closed event after spotting a merge event
+ [2016-05-28T20:07:20Z] Remram Yeah it's not clear it's a bug
+ [2016-05-28T20:28:42Z] mdw Remram why isn't it clear?
+ [2016-05-28T20:29:32Z] mdw ignoring the event works (for me) but I would think it's not intended API behavior

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Posted by NullSoldier_ in #github at 2016-05-28T01:10:09Z

+ [2016-05-29T00:00:58Z] guzzlefry Is there an easy way to find out which branches have a specific merge? In this instance: https://github.com/symfony/symfony/pull/10287
+ [2016-05-29T00:48:57Z] ODGREEN tell me about new orleans.
+ [2016-05-29T01:36:48Z] shades hello
+ [2016-05-29T01:37:31Z] shades i was working in a group project, we have a master source of truth; each of us created a fork of it, do our changes to the parts we were working on, and push to our remote branches then subit pull requests
+ [2016-05-29T01:37:51Z] shades somehow api keys got pushed by other group memebrs to the master source of truth. I went in and removed those as well as superfluous console logs