+ [2016-07-27T15:07:55Z] patarr I don't want to make a repo for a bug sample proj..
+ [2016-07-27T19:04:39Z] catbeard hey guys, qq on synsanity
+ [2016-07-27T19:04:59Z] catbeard i'm running centos 6 with 3.14.19-9.kx.el6.x86_64
+ [2016-07-27T19:05:34Z] catbeard are there build instructions for cent/rhel6, also a way to integrate with CSF?
+ [2016-07-27T19:57:22Z] WebWalker3D when using CLI for my "dev" branch, I did "git add -a" followed by "git commit -m 'X'" and git push. Only thing is, it never pushed to github. Is there a way I can repush what the local copy thinks is already pushed?

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Posted by Remram in #github at 2016-07-27T14:43:01Z

frenda: "permission denied" is the important message here
+ [2016-07-28T04:14:17Z] DarkAceZ can someone give me a quick rundown of wtf happened in my email?
+ [2016-07-28T04:14:58Z] DarkAceZ guessing it was some 3p1c troll?
+ [2016-07-28T05:15:52Z] gh-status [Red] Major service outage.