+ [2016-08-25T18:52:41Z] elmiko think i got this, thanks jaybe !
+ [2016-08-25T18:53:01Z] jaybe elmiko, excellent! \o/
+ [2016-08-25T18:59:26Z] jaybe https://jekyllrb.com/news/2016/08/24/jekyll-admin-initial-release/
+ [2016-08-25T18:59:27Z] jekyllrb Title: Jekyll Admin Initial Release - Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites (at jekyllrb.com)
+ [2016-08-25T18:59:28Z] jaybe \o/

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Posted by miklb in #jekyll at 2016-08-25T19:00:08Z

for a .1 it's super solid
+ [2016-08-25T19:03:13Z] jaybe yup!
+ [2016-08-25T19:10:18Z] jaybe miklb, check out section "Git operations" @ https://jekyll.github.io/jekyll-admin/api/
+ [2016-08-25T19:10:19Z] jekyllrb Title: HTTP API - Jekyll Admin (at jekyll.github.io)
+ [2016-08-25T19:12:45Z] miklb yes, that caught my eye right away
+ [2016-08-25T23:41:26Z] jaybe can't get jekyll-admin to build ;\