+ [2016-08-26T22:39:43Z] viktorivan and I don not where is the correct file
+ [2016-11-03T07:12:03Z] Synthead how do I add a sidebar? I just created a new octopress project and haven't changed the default theme, etc
+ [2016-11-03T07:12:06Z] Synthead this is octopress 3
+ [2016-11-03T07:12:38Z] Synthead there's lots of references online to "asides", but there isn't any documentation on how to add them from scratch that I can find
+ [2016-12-07T20:44:34Z] ragmaanir hi, can i use ERB in the markdown posts?

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Posted by leventel in #octopress at 2017-02-02T11:32:45Z

+ [2017-02-02T11:37:11Z] leventel I have just started with Jekyll/GH pages and tried to build a multi-language blog with octopress-multilingual gem
+ [2017-02-02T11:38:43Z] leventel when I ran "bundle exec jekyll serve" I got that output: https://gist.github.com/levlas/9eef1a35d06830de3010b138a5ed5547
+ [2017-02-02T11:41:53Z] leventel I installed octopress-multilingual with bundler, my Gemfile is https://gist.github.com/levlas/f89621d5ed398716327f8fa3277b357f
+ [2017-02-04T08:34:11Z] Oddy hello everyone
+ [2017-02-04T08:35:09Z] Oddy I am trying to install Octopress according to http://octopress.org/docs/setup/, but I run into an error when running "rake install"