+ [2017-06-18T15:12:15Z] kleinweby bmbouter: https://github.com/pulls?utf8=✓&q=org%3Apulp ?
+ [2017-06-18T15:33:04Z] bmbouter kleinweby: that is it!
+ [2017-06-18T15:33:06Z] bmbouter bookmarks it
+ [2017-06-18T15:33:08Z] bmbouter thank you
+ [2017-06-18T15:33:11Z] bmbouter kleinweby++

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Posted by howdoi in #github at 2017-06-18T04:13:38Z

error: src refspec gh-pages does not match any; but I see that in git branch -r, am I missing something?
+ [2017-06-19T13:07:55Z] ertes-w hi… the github terms and conditions state that i may only create a single account for myself… so is it against the ToCs to have separate private and work accounts?
+ [2017-06-19T13:20:54Z] tobiasvl it would seem so, but ask !sgc to be sure
+ [2017-06-19T13:20:54Z] gitinfo For bug reports, feature requests, suggestions for improvement, or specific problems with an individual repo (or gist, etc.), please contact support via support@github.com or https://github.com/support - support tries to answer all questions within 24 hours, including weekends and holidays.
+ [2017-06-19T13:21:06Z] tobiasvl why do you need separate accounts anyway?