+ [2017-07-01T14:51:36Z] jaybe and you are using a theme and/or plug-ins produced by third parties?
+ [2017-07-01T14:52:05Z] ski7777 Its a gh-pages project, which I want to test locally
+ [2017-07-01T14:52:12Z] jaybe that error message provided would not come from a default and basic jekyll installation
+ [2017-07-01T15:05:16Z] ski7777 jaybe: https://github.com/ftCommunity/ftcommunity-TXT/tree/master/docs

message no. 170031

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Title: ftcommunity-TXT/docs at master · ftCommunity/ftcommunity-TXT · GitHub (at github.com)
+ [2017-07-01T15:05:23Z] ski7777 This is the data
+ [2017-07-01T18:29:07Z] jaybe ski7777, looks that you are using an older version; may want to upgrade to modern. the `gems` you have listed in your _config are plugins
+ [2017-07-01T21:10:34Z] ski7777 jaybe: Is fixed now
+ [2017-07-01T21:13:04Z] ski7777 But what to do now?
+ [2017-07-01T21:13:04Z] ski7777 Liquid Exception: undefined method `to_integer' for Liquid::Utils:Module Did you mean? Integer in /_layouts/default.html