+ [2017-07-06T12:34:59Z] jaybe bshah: linking to anchors on a page is just HTML. "html anchor". kramdown does ToC as well (table of contents)
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:08Z] jekyllrb 'collection permalinks', 'extensionless permalinks', 'link', and 'permalinks'
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:08Z] jaybe ./fs link
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:16Z] jekyllrb (link) http://jekyllrb.com/docs/templates/#link
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:16Z] jaybe [[ link ]]

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Posted by jaybe in #jekyll at 2017-07-06T12:35:22Z

.\fs toc
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:27Z] jaybe ./fs toc
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:27Z] jekyllrb (toc) (#1) http://www.seanbuscay.com/blog/jekyll-toc-markdown/, or (#2) https://allejo.io/blog/a-jekyll-toc-in-liquid-only/
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:42Z] jaybe ./fs kramdown
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:42Z] jekyllrb 'kramdown' and 'kramdown tables'
+ [2017-07-06T12:35:51Z] jaybe [[ kramdown ]]