+ [2017-07-06T12:46:05Z] ellen hello. I'm using a jekyll template that expects something like this to generate a navigation area: https://pastebin.com/mVgeAViT is there a way to go about creating these objects via liquid? e.g. what should I do that'd be like {% assign docs.item.url = value %} ? thanks.
+ [2017-07-06T12:46:06Z] jekyllrb Title: [YAML] docs: - title: Getting Started children: - title: "Quick-Start Gu - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)
+ [2017-07-07T17:28:55Z] jobot Hello. I have a wordpress site that I would like to migrate to Jekyll. I have tried various wp plugins for export, but they don't work. Would anyone have a reliable method of migrating the wordpress posts (and uploaded files) to jekyll? Thanks.
+ [2017-07-07T17:49:21Z] jobot I found this. It seems to work: http://hadihariri.com/2013/12/24/migrating-from-wordpress-to-jekyll/
+ [2017-07-07T17:49:21Z] jobot Required this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39222534/failed-to-build-native-extension and a few gem dependencies

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Title: Migrating from WordPress.com to Jekyll – Hadi Hariri (at hadihariri.com)
+ [2017-07-07T17:49:23Z] jekyllrb Title: ruby on rails - Failed to build native extension - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)
+ [2017-07-07T18:54:02Z] ramsey I've been doing some searching for an issue I'm seeing with Jekyll and GFM, but all that's coming up are issue about fenced code blocks. My issue is with using inline backticks (i.e. `code here`). Jekyll appears to be filtering that through the syntax-highlighter and is generating table output, due to my use of "line_numers: true" in _config.yml. Has anyone else noticed this?
+ [2017-07-07T18:55:04Z] ramsey If I remove "line_numbers: true", then everything works as expected, but I don't see line numbers in my fenced code blocks
+ [2017-07-07T19:09:19Z] ramsey ah ha! I was doing "kramdown: syntax_highlighter_opts: line_numbers: true" in _config.yml, which add line numbers to all code (even inline code). If I change it to "kramdown: syntax_highlighter_opts: block: line_numbers: true", (note "block") it works as expected.
+ [2017-07-07T19:09:31Z] ramsey Line numbers appear on fenced code blocks, but do no appear on inline code.