+ [2017-07-26T00:37:31Z] elmiko cool, thanks for the advice jaybe !
+ [2017-07-26T00:38:06Z] jaybe o/
+ [2017-07-26T00:38:19Z] jaybe now i must fix the bot regex thing; grrr
+ [2017-07-26T00:38:50Z] elmiko haha
+ [2017-07-26T00:38:53Z] elmiko sorry

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Posted by jaybe in #jekyll at 2017-07-26T01:05:10Z

the blue ox
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:17Z] jaybe s/blue ox/brown cow/
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:18Z] jekyllrb What jaybe meant to say was: the brown cow
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:22Z] jaybe ./flip
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:23Z] jekyllrb (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
+ [2019-02-28T20:49:17Z] parkr :wave: