+ [2017-07-26T01:05:10Z] jaybe the blue ox
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:17Z] jaybe s/blue ox/brown cow/
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:18Z] jekyllrb What jaybe meant to say was: the brown cow
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:22Z] jaybe ./flip
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:23Z] jekyllrb (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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+ [2019-02-28T20:49:17Z] parkr :wave:
+ [2019-02-28T21:37:36Z] jaybe aww missed parker
+ [2019-03-04T08:25:23Z] wlan2 So I followed the steps in https://jekyllrb.com/docs/step-by-step/08-blogging/ but my posts are not rendering markdown.
+ [2019-03-04T08:27:04Z] wlan2 I followed through all, added my own content and CSS and just noticed pages do render but posts aren't rendering.
+ [2019-03-04T08:31:44Z] wlan2 I have a collection and it does render.