+ [2019-04-15T11:22:45Z] jubalh is it possible to put github pages for a project without putting stuff in gh-pages branch but in its own repo?
+ [2019-04-15T11:22:50Z] jubalh either for own user or for org?
+ [2019-04-15T11:23:06Z] jubalh i would prefer to have the page source in a seperate repo
+ [2019-04-15T13:35:11Z] keden jubalh: Hi, I believe you can choose in the repository's settings which branch to use as the source of your GitHub Pages website.
+ [2019-04-15T13:53:42Z] jubalh ok thanks

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Posted by sine0 in #github at 2019-04-15T08:28:57Z

k ta
+ [2019-04-16T00:09:09Z] vertigo Hello, I'm a newb with github cli. I entered the wrong password for authorization to push some changes.. and now i cant push.. it wont prompt me for user id and password again.. it jsut says incorrect id/pw. How do I reset it?
+ [2019-04-16T00:09:44Z] vertigo well I dont want to reset the pw.. just empty whatever buffer it seems to be using storing my incorrect id/pw
+ [2019-04-16T01:15:15Z] vertigo nevermind fixed it.
+ [2019-04-16T01:16:57Z] vertigo Wallet Manager -> ksshaskpass -> right click the bad entry and delete.
+ [2019-04-16T08:09:31Z] amosbird **This project is being (mostly) migrated into Forge!** -- Magit-based interfaces to GitHub