+ [2019-05-04T06:16:55Z] __Kartha__ VxJasonxV Can you help with this? https://github.com/thelounge/thelounge/issues/3197
+ [2019-05-04T06:25:37Z] __Kartha__ I really can't find the auth part of the code: https://github.com/thelounge/thelounge/search?q=nick&unscoped_q=nick
+ [2019-05-04T13:26:17Z] VxJasonxV __Kartha__: no
+ [2019-05-04T20:57:39Z] kingsley How do you convert a python app on GitHub to a Debian package?
+ [2019-05-04T21:00:35Z] kingsley The python app is also at PyPi, in case that would be easier, like with pypi-install (from python-stdeb package) or py2dsp (from pypi2deb package).

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Posted by VxJasonxV in #github at 2019-05-04T06:03:37Z

+ [2019-05-05T08:32:56Z] circuitbone kingsley: https://github.com/paylogic/py2deb ?
+ [2019-05-05T16:41:05Z] geekodour08 what does it happen when i select private repo in an org?
+ [2019-05-05T16:41:13Z] geekodour08 do other members see it?
+ [2019-05-05T17:57:02Z] kingsley circuitbone: Thank you very much for reminding me of py2deb! I think I used it years ago, it worked, and your polite and reasonable suggestion prompted me to revisit it. Its repository on GitHub looks well documented and seems to me to have newer code: version 2.1. I seem to have 0.24.4 installed!