+ [2019-11-29T12:18:07Z] kreyren Works locally..
+ [2019-11-29T12:18:21Z] kreyren i guess some security feature affecting the behavior or something?
+ [2019-11-29T12:29:50Z] canton7 kreyren, that lint failure is nothing to do with github actions?
+ [2019-11-29T21:46:39Z] kreyren canton7, elaborate?
+ [2019-11-29T21:49:32Z] kreyren canton7, notice that affected file has source for shellcheck used https://github.com/Kreyrock/Kreyrock/blob/master/src/init/init#L2

message no. 176179

Posted by sine0 in #github at 2019-11-29T10:44:49Z

$ git status
+ [2019-11-30T09:27:19Z] kreyren referencing https://github.com/Kreyrock/Kreyrock/issues/2 help wanted
+ [2019-11-30T16:53:09Z] d33cee hmm...looks like my first task this morning is going to be remembering how I set up ssh keys etc., and moving all that to a new machine.
+ [2019-11-30T17:01:31Z] d33cee probably easier to make a new one, and more educational
+ [2019-11-30T19:00:10Z] kpcyrd are there any good channels if I want to talk about github workflows?
+ [2019-11-30T19:02:14Z] kpcyrd "on a change on master -> build the docker image and push it to docker.pkg.github.com/me/myrepo" seems like an obvious usecase but I'm having troubel finding resources on this