+ [2019-12-05T19:27:43Z] PMfan Network tab in Developer tools shows POST request (after pressing Save) with status code 500
+ [2019-12-05T19:28:12Z] PMfan Does it mean Github is somehow broken?
+ [2019-12-05T19:32:38Z] PMfan Hmm, right, it’s broken https://outage.report/github
+ [2019-12-05T20:40:39Z] ohmyfromage is there a way to see what languages a github user has proficiency in based on their repos/PRs?
+ [2019-12-05T20:50:58Z] mertyildiran How can I share the state of the build in here https://github.com/DragonComputer/Dragonfire/blob/ad8e18cb426029137f75a539ba188677a477bff8/.github/workflows/pythonapp.yml#L45 with the second job? I know there is `actions/upload-artifact@v1` but am I going to upload the whole disk like `path: /`

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2019-12-05T01:48:44Z

hi peeps. i have a PR in a repo i am maintainer in, and i need to fix up some stuff in the fork's branch for this PR before merging. i added the fork as a remote, then created a branch off upstream master and cherry-picked one commit from the fork's PR branch. but when trying to force push my local branch to that fork remote PR branch, i get 403.
+ [2019-12-06T19:02:03Z] glm I have a repo who has a conflict with a submodule's directory. How do I go about solving it? git status shows nothing abnormal
+ [2019-12-06T21:10:24Z] bilb_ono has the github pages in the settings page moved or something? I can’t find a link to it
+ [2019-12-06T22:42:30Z] R2robot still there
+ [2019-12-06T22:42:49Z] R2robot oh, he gone
+ [2019-12-07T01:27:04Z] rawtaz question: can one rename the "good first issue" label to e.g. "easy pick" and still have it be used by github as it is now? i'd like to keep the functionality of that label, but with it having a different name.