+ [2019-12-07T04:30:27Z] ob-sed Hi
+ [2019-12-07T04:30:35Z] ob-sed Is there a tutorial on using github to upload files ?
+ [2019-12-07T04:31:00Z] ob-sed Im ok with checking out a git repo, but not sure of the best way to commit files, and to get out specific revisions etc
+ [2019-12-07T11:27:15Z] cousin_luigi How do I squash the last two commits after I've done the pull request already?

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2019-12-07T01:27:04Z

question: can one rename the "good first issue" label to e.g. "easy pick" and still have it be used by github as it is now? i'd like to keep the functionality of that label, but with it having a different name.
+ [2019-12-08T12:54:33Z] sine0 hey guys do i have to create repo online using the gui or can i do it from cli
+ [2019-12-08T12:55:21Z] sine0 im following a guide online, everything is via the cli, and then it says: "now createa repo on github"
+ [2019-12-08T13:42:27Z] nedbat sine0: the "hub" cli tool can do it.
+ [2019-12-08T13:47:10Z] sine0 nedbat: ok cool. I did it manually but will look into that thanks.
+ [2019-12-08T20:35:53Z] sergioro how to show a link to CONTRIBUTING.md on issues tab?