+ [2019-12-08T13:47:10Z] sine0 nedbat: ok cool. I did it manually but will look into that thanks.
+ [2019-12-08T20:35:53Z] sergioro how to show a link to CONTRIBUTING.md on issues tab?
+ [2019-12-08T20:36:02Z] sergioro for example https://github.com/opengovernment/opengovernment/issues
+ [2019-12-08T20:37:25Z] sergioro I created CONTRIBUTING.md in my repo root's directory. But it doesn't show when i go to issues tab
+ [2019-12-08T20:37:53Z] sergioro I followed instructions in https://help.github.com/en/github/building-a-strong-community/setting-guidelines-for-repository-contributors

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Posted by sine0 in #github at 2019-12-08T12:55:21Z

im following a guide online, everything is via the cli, and then it says: "now createa repo on github"
+ [2019-12-09T00:30:26Z] Celelibi Hi there.
+ [2019-12-09T00:30:57Z] Celelibi How does github manage to get every user to use ssh with the same username and identify them with their public key?
+ [2019-12-09T00:31:10Z] Celelibi How would I replicate this deature?
+ [2019-12-09T03:27:46Z] nate Celelibi: Public keys are stored on your github user account under settings
+ [2019-12-09T03:28:19Z] nate If you're talking about replicating that feature on your own repository hosting website or something, particularly by hiring a decent developer I'd say