+ [2019-12-11T18:13:38Z] R2robot link?
+ [2019-12-11T18:30:53Z] Geo ha. neat. You can do it to any PR
+ [2019-12-11T18:31:35Z] Geo I just did it to a random one on someone else's repo. It seems to be a default allowed action
+ [2019-12-11T20:15:39Z] dmlloyd reviews from outside people are generally non-binding
+ [2019-12-11T20:16:06Z] dmlloyd as in, they don't affect the ability to merge the PR

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2019-12-11T16:01:36Z

i have a question.. after creating feature branches locally and pushing them to remote, opening and getting a PR merged, i delete my local branches. but then im left with a bunch of branches over at origin on github. what's the easiest way to "delete all branches on a remote, that does not have a local branch with the same name" without having to manually delete them one by one?
+ [2019-12-12T05:21:19Z] escanor : Guys working on desktop application
+ [2019-12-12T05:21:19Z] escanor 10:50 AM Is there any channel where i can discuss designing and color scheme and other stuffs of the application
+ [2019-12-12T05:25:15Z] R2robot what application?
+ [2019-12-12T05:44:29Z] einichi I'm getting this error for my Github Pages content on commit: "Your site is having problems building: The tag site on line 17 in index.html is not a recognized Liquid tag."