+ [2019-12-13T11:58:08Z] jami Hi. I used github actions the first time to build a docker image an push it to the git docker.pkg.github.com registry. Now i want to fetch the repo registry builds over the graphql api. Is this possible? I only got a RegistryPackage object out of the api, but i need the docker tag of the images available
+ [2019-12-13T18:54:34Z] helo is it possible to set extra tags on self-hosted Actions runners?
+ [2019-12-13T19:42:45Z] wkalt it would be neat if github had a way to run a linter and show annotations alongside code in PRs similar to how VS code works
+ [2019-12-13T19:43:13Z] wkalt maybe your linter runs in circleCI, generates some kind of descriptive json blob, and sends that to github
+ [2019-12-13T19:43:32Z] wkalt any GH people here? has this been considered?

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Posted by sine0 in #github at 2019-12-13T09:37:29Z

im just using it on the command line and it is used automatically, I dont know where it is stored
+ [2019-12-14T00:03:05Z] rostam newbie question, I have started a code review from my local branch, pushing into the remote branch and using pull request on github to merge to devel branch, if later I do any changes locally as part of code review and use "git commit --amend" I can not push it to remote branch again, becasue of conflict, the only way that i can do is to force it , i.e git push -f. Is there a way I do not force the push command?
+ [2019-12-14T00:22:39Z] mokha When you apply the --amend option that rewrite the git commit sha1 which means history has changed. If you alter any commit you need to force push to alter the remote branches tree to match your local.
+ [2019-12-14T18:16:57Z] phet Hi, I am trying to set up my website, which is thephet.github.io, I am using jekyll. I bought a domain, juanma.io, and it points to the github website, but it changes the name to the github website, instead of keeping juanma.io
+ [2019-12-15T08:08:01Z] Mavericks has any one used precommit (https://pre-commit.com/) ? and what's the best way to debug issues with it ? especially the issue where it says
+ [2019-12-15T08:08:21Z] Mavericks :marked executable but has no (or invalid) shebang!