+ [2020-02-19T16:43:24Z] davis Seveas: yes, i can login now. many thanks
+ [2020-02-19T22:11:30Z] mertyildiran Hi, what could be the reason for this error in the CI? https://github.com/chaos-lang/chaos/runs/456387606 Seemed like a problem in the mirrors to me.
+ [2020-02-19T22:12:03Z] mertyildiran I mean GitHub Workflows by CI.
+ [2020-02-19T22:26:57Z] mertyildiran OK I re-run it for the third time and now it passed strange...

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Posted by sine0 in #github at 2020-02-19T15:41:04Z

github is down for me, am I the 100th person to ask.
+ [2020-02-20T19:25:22Z] CarlFK is there a "click here to open an issue about this line" ?
+ [2020-02-20T19:25:37Z] CarlFK if not, make it so. :p
+ [2020-02-20T20:27:48Z] lewix ➜ ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa
+ [2020-02-20T20:27:49Z] lewix Cannot download keys without provider
+ [2020-02-20T20:38:39Z] CyberMent Hi, I'm trying to clone a repository to my computer with all the branches in tact. I am using git clone --mirror <repository>