+ [2020-07-11T22:33:11Z] rawtaz i force-pushed the branch again to just touch it to trigger re-runs of the checks. right now it seems that theres just one travis check (previously there was two), so perhaps it's fixing itself this time
+ [2020-07-11T22:41:27Z] rawtaz it worked. temporary github glitch
+ [2020-07-11T22:41:28Z] rawtaz thanks
+ [2020-07-11T22:58:06Z] BtbN That's up to travis, not Github
+ [2020-07-11T22:58:14Z] BtbN it's a 3rd party after all

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2020-07-11T22:41:27Z

it worked. temporary github glitch
+ [2020-07-12T23:03:50Z] dvl Hello, given the commit hash and a single filename, can I get I URL which shows the diff just for that file please? I'm failing to find this.
+ [2020-07-13T00:10:19Z] oprypin dvl: im not aware of such a feature
+ [2020-07-13T00:10:40Z] oprypin u can #anchor link to that file within a commit though
+ [2020-07-13T00:57:08Z] dvl oprypin: I have seen that within examples, such as, from here, if you click on 2 changed, files, then on one of the file names: https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-ports/commit/5341abcf8352de052d1f946c707bc05c7353d49b
+ [2020-07-13T00:57:16Z] dvl https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-ports/commit/5341abcf8352de052d1f946c707bc05c7353d49b#diff-b5fd7bb34fe33663097de4971bc12c62