+ [2020-07-18T17:07:59Z] tona hello everyone, my process in commited in github was not completed sucessfully , is there one way to commit again a full file
+ [2020-07-18T19:16:04Z] AiNA_TE stenographer i think you need to hit your router with a stick
+ [2020-07-18T19:26:44Z] Industrial How do I get my SSH key into github from my android phone?
+ [2020-07-18T19:27:18Z] Industrial I can't do it in the app or on the website

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2020-07-18T14:14:35Z

lol, this channel is always completely dead when im here
+ [2020-07-19T00:59:48Z] jim hi... I have to be blind I guess... I can't find ANY link on github to take me to my ssh keys, or to a page that has that link on the page... help?
+ [2020-07-19T01:01:02Z] jim because it stands to reason, that the keys would be a part of my profile
+ [2020-07-19T01:05:35Z] jim found it... consider this halfway rant as a request for github, or microsoft, or whoever, to make it easier to get there
+ [2020-07-19T17:35:32Z] Industrial How do I get to SSH key management from my android phone?