+ [2014-08-11T23:11:54Z] VxJasonxV I seem to remember learning -- as the delimiter between GETOPT and parameters, in the context of git that doesn't line up
+ [2014-08-11T23:12:30Z] Remram I wonder what happens if you have a branch name that begins with a dash
+ [2014-08-11T23:13:27Z] Remram I think the idea is that you can always say the full refs/.../-branchname
+ [2014-08-11T23:13:31Z] Remram so no additional quoting is required
+ [2014-08-11T23:14:44Z] Remram that is not true though, you can have refs directly under .git/

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so no additional quoting is required
+ [2014-08-12T00:29:12Z] Spark hi
+ [2014-08-12T00:29:28Z] Spark how do i escape use of [ ] in an issue?
+ [2014-08-12T00:29:43Z] Spark i tried [ and 92
+ [2014-08-12T00:30:05Z] Spark https://github.com/google/jsonnet/issues/10
+ [2014-08-12T00:30:33Z] Spark missing line is [if nighttime then "light_brightness" else null]: 100