+ [2014-08-12T23:13:22Z] fatzilla What the hell does that mean?
+ [2014-08-12T23:22:35Z] VxJasonxV it means you're on a detached head
+ [2014-08-12T23:22:40Z] VxJasonxV and also that you're impatient
+ [2014-08-12T23:22:45Z] VxJasonxV or you figured it out, one of the two
+ [2014-08-12T23:23:01Z] VxJasonxV (impatient because they left. because. y'know. IRC)

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Posted by VxJasonxV in #github at 2014-08-12T23:22:45Z

or you figured it out, one of the two
+ [2014-08-13T07:02:09Z] IamTrying How can i solve this? I have done 1) cd /var/tmp/ ; git clone some.third.party.open.source 2) then i copy that to my private github repo folder manually 3) now when i commit and push that copied folder is not getting pushed to my own repo
+ [2014-08-13T07:10:17Z] psgs What do you mean by "my own repo" IamTrying?
+ [2014-08-13T07:10:48Z] IamTrying psgs: in Github.com i have my private closed source repositories there i need to push/commit that folder i copied
+ [2014-08-13T07:11:41Z] kortti IamTrying: I'd guess your remote is still set to be the original repo
+ [2014-08-13T07:12:39Z] IamTrying YES - its set to kortti, i can commit/push my other files/directories from that project, but its not pushing the directory i copied and trying to push it