+ [2014-08-13T18:00:11Z] Nevik (because public APIs are cool)
+ [2014-08-13T18:01:01Z] hdon uh.. ok
+ [2014-08-13T18:01:26Z] Nevik unless it was obvious, sarcasm was involved
+ [2014-08-13T18:01:29Z] Nevik the advice stands though
+ [2014-08-13T18:01:43Z] hdon thanks

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Posted by psgs in #github at 2014-08-13T07:10:17Z

What do you mean by "my own repo" IamTrying?
+ [2014-08-14T13:25:50Z] t3lll hmm no
+ [2014-08-14T13:25:58Z] t3lll i thought that happens automatically
+ [2014-08-14T13:26:21Z] t3lll now i fetch with --depth=1 but its still 20k objects :|
+ [2014-08-14T13:26:55Z] sakhil03 I cant see pushed tags at server after pushing it from client