+ [2014-10-29T23:55:10Z] Marak i opened up a support issue. thanks VxJasonxV
+ [2014-10-29T23:55:40Z] Marak i can magically curl github again
+ [2014-10-29T23:56:47Z] Marak http://hook.io allows users to execute abritrary code from github gists. unexpected behavior is expected.

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2014-10-29T23:17:51Z

thanks for the tip about stylish
+ [2014-10-30T00:07:59Z] rawtaz lol
+ [2014-10-30T00:08:49Z] luto sounds nice
+ [2014-10-30T00:08:53Z] luto free RATs
+ [2014-10-30T00:12:55Z] luto remote admin. tools