+ [2014-10-30T23:48:22Z] VxJasonxV I showed you the merge commit
+ [2014-10-30T23:48:38Z] VxJasonxV https://github.com/yourlabs/django-session-security/commit/c101b564a7a5ff60850cd2f4feae723a19cf4902 is the merge commit
+ [2014-10-30T23:48:48Z] VxJasonxV and no, PRs can't be reopened
+ [2014-10-30T23:49:06Z] VxJasonxV you can open a new one yourself though, you don't need them to do it
+ [2014-10-30T23:50:41Z] is_null yes thanks to you i could revert the merge comit

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2014-10-30T00:07:59Z

+ [2014-10-31T04:07:51Z] jorvis I tried to push a lot of commits to GitHub, but am getting the "GH001: Large files detected." error. I even tried to commit a removal of the large files, but it's still trying to push it out (which I understand.) How can I delete any commits pertaining to a specific file?
+ [2014-10-31T04:45:49Z] zerowidth jorvis: https://help.github.com/articles/working-with-large-files/#fixing-the-problem
+ [2014-10-31T10:04:43Z] pilotsnipes If i use a code block like this: ```php echo "Hello"; ``` There is no PHP syntax highlighting, I must put <?php in the code block, but a lot of times this doesn't make sense (when you want to use code fragments). Is there a work around?
+ [2014-10-31T10:09:40Z] ultramage hi, when doing svn checkout from github, is there any control over line endings?
+ [2014-10-31T10:14:55Z] ultramage when I check out this particular repository using svn, github serves the files tome in normalized LF form on windows, and it does not virtualize any svn props on the files to indicate how the svn client should behave when sending commits