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+ [2020-06-14T14:51:29Z] IamTrying I have been requesting for ages to allow making username alias name. But never listen to it. I have 200 repository in my private paid and my username is my real name. So when ever i post my real name is shown and people abused it.
+ [2020-06-14T14:18:08Z] IamTrying - Is there any way to post comment annoymous? When i post with my account the hackers/pentester abuse those informations. login name is my real name and i cant yet Alias it.
+ [2020-02-14T08:34:53Z] IamTrying I have a github paid account example: . Now when using issues that name shows, how to make it Alias? So that person name is not shown?
+ [2019-10-17T13:02:42Z] IamTrying If i enable this, it will allow public internet to access my SSH ?
+ [2019-10-17T13:02:22Z] IamTrying #-A INPUT -p tcp --sport 22 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT; -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
+ [2019-10-17T13:02:15Z] IamTrying Github do not work for git pull.
+ [2019-10-06T16:28:12Z] IamTrying - i am running Bind server in my But when i `git pull`. github dns resolv failing. how can i allow in my Bind
+ [2019-05-07T11:03:18Z] IamTrying Git push is doing very abnormal. Sometimes from terminal works but sometimes asking ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
+ [2019-05-07T10:48:43Z] IamTrying Is Github down? I cant git push to my private repository using NetBeans.
+ [2017-05-05T07:07:39Z] IamTrying How do i get LIVE codes??? instead of 1 month old forked code in branch master?
+ [2017-05-05T07:07:18Z] IamTrying I forked a Google Chrome, github project to my github account. Then i made git checkout -b nightly; git checkout nightly; on this branch i work and live. But after 1 month of work. now i switch to `git checkout master` to get latest Google Chrome code from the community but it only gives me my forked code of 1 month ago.
+ [2017-04-26T09:29:59Z] IamTrying OK - thank you unpleased
+ [2017-04-26T09:25:22Z] IamTrying Why Github spam email on repository issue trackers? i want to track issues not via my email cause my email is used for other commercial emergency purpose.
+ [2017-04-26T09:23:52Z] IamTrying I want to set Github not spam me in my inbox. for the repository that i STAR
+ [2017-04-26T09:23:31Z] IamTrying Sleepless for constant 3 days. Last 3 days i could not sleep anymore because of Github spamming. I am contributor in open-source community for some C++/Qt5 projects. On those repository i have clicked STAR few days ago. Now in the middle of the night while i am working i keep getting constantly spamming email in my iPhone 7 Gmail inbox. Inbox email is for my business policy is URGENT action.
+ [2017-04-21T14:58:06Z] IamTrying is it low bandwidth Lencl?
+ [2017-04-21T14:57:43Z] IamTrying Lencl: Download: 90.04 Mbps Upload: 60.63 Mbps
+ [2017-04-21T14:43:28Z] IamTrying Lencl: impossible i am in Fiber net with coax cable and 8 public ip network (enterprise setup i have)
+ [2017-04-21T14:42:44Z] IamTrying took more then 20minute