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+ [2016-10-03T19:13:33Z] Remram people use all kinds of variations
+ [2016-10-03T19:13:26Z] Remram What's the best name for the 'contributor friendly' label for my project?
+ [2016-08-25T20:25:17Z] Remram hi
+ [2016-07-27T15:07:22Z] Remram frenda: it should tell you a lot
+ [2016-07-27T15:07:08Z] Remram You can do ssh -v
+ [2016-07-27T14:53:20Z] Remram GPG has nothing to do with that and you can ignore it
+ [2016-07-27T14:53:13Z] Remram Are you sure you didn't rename it or something?
+ [2016-07-27T14:44:08Z] Remram (private key* rather)
+ [2016-07-27T14:43:21Z] Remram Do you still have the public key? Did you ssh-add it?
+ [2016-07-27T14:43:01Z] Remram frenda: "permission denied" is the important message here
+ [2016-05-31T03:38:01Z] Remram and commit. Oops, too late.
+ [2016-05-31T03:37:55Z] Remram .gitmodules is a text file, just fix it
+ [2016-05-28T20:07:20Z] Remram Yeah it's not clear it's a bug
+ [2016-05-27T20:57:33Z] Remram NullSoldier_: you should probably email them about that last point, they might not have noticed
+ [2016-05-27T20:12:50Z] Remram I run CI on pull requests, and checking whitespace & style is definitely part of it
+ [2016-05-27T19:53:23Z] Remram It seems that once it's been enabled once, I can only set it to enabled/disabled, but never remove it for org members to be able to request it
+ [2016-05-27T19:52:56Z] Remram Hi, can I remove third-party application access from an organization "Third-party access" page?
+ [2016-05-27T19:09:24Z] Remram that'd be weird
+ [2016-05-27T19:09:21Z] Remram I don't think DMCA works for private stuff no
+ [2016-05-23T01:36:04Z] Remram kinda like 'favorites'