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+ [2019-06-10T07:12:01Z] VxJasonxV commit, test, commit, test, commit, test, (with optional pushes at any time if collaborating on the same branch), merge, push
+ [2019-06-10T07:11:17Z] VxJasonxV finish your work, merge it in. don't want it anymore? delete the branch.
+ [2019-06-10T07:11:05Z] VxJasonxV the best workflow in your situation is ALWAYS work in branches
+ [2019-06-10T07:10:25Z] VxJasonxV Henry151: and
+ [2019-05-19T08:14:36Z] VxJasonxV congratulations on your ascent to ... purgatory?
+ [2019-05-19T08:13:47Z] VxJasonxV agile_prg: not with the amount of information you've provided so far
+ [2019-05-06T14:54:53Z] VxJasonxV Since it only works with authentication.
+ [2019-05-06T14:54:38Z] VxJasonxV My point was, use wget with that endpoint
+ [2019-05-06T13:00:49Z] VxJasonxV __Myst__:
+ [2019-05-06T09:30:05Z] VxJasonxV git is bad at that
+ [2019-05-06T09:29:31Z] VxJasonxV what file ordering in an app has to do with git history
+ [2019-05-06T09:29:07Z] VxJasonxV I don't get what fike
+ [2019-05-06T09:28:52Z] VxJasonxV bug/limitation*
+ [2019-05-06T09:28:37Z] VxJasonxV alkisg: github bug/implementation/not-implemented-yet
+ [2019-05-06T09:27:55Z] VxJasonxV __Myst__: sounds like you're not authenticating.
+ [2019-05-04T13:26:17Z] VxJasonxV __Kartha__: no
+ [2019-05-04T06:03:41Z] VxJasonxV
+ [2019-05-04T06:03:37Z] VxJasonxV
+ [2019-05-04T06:03:34Z] VxJasonxV