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+ [2016-06-17T13:25:36Z] dadada j416: that idea is actually good, how come I didn't think of that ^^
+ [2016-06-17T12:21:33Z] dadada j416: there was a pull request from one guy (2 years ago), but the others mainly commited to their own forks
+ [2016-06-17T12:19:30Z] dadada one fork was even forked from another fork, which means this one wouldn't even notice my I merged the stuff when he does a pull?
+ [2016-06-17T12:18:56Z] dadada and I don't see any other way of communication, of course they would notice it, IF they ever tried to pull from the original repository again
+ [2016-06-17T12:18:23Z] dadada s/not/no
+ [2016-06-17T12:18:19Z] dadada but there's not "issues" page for the forks
+ [2016-06-17T12:18:12Z] dadada I would like to let them know that I merged it
+ [2016-06-17T12:17:58Z] dadada they made some (smaller) changes I merged now, some of those changes happened years ago
+ [2016-06-17T12:17:18Z] dadada how do you communicate with people that forked your repository?
+ [2016-06-17T12:17:12Z] dadada hi
+ [2016-05-31T13:26:35Z] dadada is it possible to see the download numbers of released files anywhere?
+ [2016-05-31T13:26:24Z] dadada hello
+ [2016-04-10T12:39:59Z] dadada I think I give up then
+ [2016-04-10T12:38:23Z] dadada and therefore he might either do double the work or dismiss it
+ [2016-04-10T12:38:05Z] dadada I was worried the maintainer might look at my request see that the first commit was crap, and not really see the latest commit which eliminates most of the crap :-)
+ [2016-04-10T12:36:51Z] dadada ok maybe, I can see that you want to know what happened first, then second, then third
+ [2016-04-10T12:35:41Z] dadada I don't get why
+ [2016-04-10T12:35:03Z] dadada jhass: do you mind when I copy our conversion and send it to github/contact?
+ [2016-04-10T12:27:09Z] dadada ^^
+ [2016-04-10T12:27:06Z] dadada :-( so sad