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+ [2017-07-26T00:38:53Z] elmiko sorry
+ [2017-07-26T00:38:50Z] elmiko haha
+ [2017-07-26T00:37:31Z] elmiko cool, thanks for the advice jaybe !
+ [2017-07-25T23:45:38Z] elmiko jaybe: is it common to just throw debug log messages into your code while developing/debugging it?
+ [2017-07-25T23:34:46Z] elmiko oh jekyllrb bot
+ [2017-07-25T23:34:37Z] elmiko haha
+ [2017-07-25T23:34:31Z] elmiko s/about others/about how others/
+ [2017-07-25T23:34:11Z] elmiko but, i really could use to learn a little about others debug when there are internal jekyll problems
+ [2017-07-25T23:33:54Z] elmiko jaybe: thanks, i found --verbose and JEKYLL_LOG_LEVEL=debug
+ [2016-08-25T18:52:41Z] elmiko think i got this, thanks jaybe !
+ [2016-08-25T18:48:57Z] elmiko ok, is that just `gem install bundler` ?
+ [2016-08-25T18:47:46Z] elmiko i am a ruby/jekyll noob and could use any help debugging
+ [2016-08-25T18:47:32Z] elmiko hi all, i am attempting to use jekyll on fedora24 and i have just run `gem install jekyll`, then i try to run it in my github pages repo and i get this error: