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+ [2019-05-24T13:17:09Z] jaybe :)
+ [2019-05-07T14:58:04Z] jaybe inspect your site and code. and the browser dev tools. will so broken links. ljkely css etc.
+ [2019-05-07T14:11:28Z] jaybe anyong
+ [2019-04-12T12:06:54Z] jaybe kevin_flynn: jekyll_pagination-v2
+ [2019-04-07T13:56:40Z] jaybe cryptic0 \o/ nice
+ [2019-04-07T13:00:59Z] jaybe eaily tested. dutifully documented.
+ [2019-04-07T13:00:42Z] jaybe cryptic0: sure ????????
+ [2019-04-06T21:07:51Z] jaybe just include the files in the source; zero/little effort
+ [2019-04-06T21:07:34Z] jaybe ^
+ [2019-04-06T21:07:31Z] jaybe `keep_files: [DIR, FILE, ...]`
+ [2019-04-06T21:07:26Z] jaybe When clobbering the site destination, keep the selected files. Useful for files that are not generated by jekyll; e.g. files or assets that are generated by your build tool. The paths are relative to the destination.
+ [2019-04-06T21:07:23Z] jaybe keep_files
+ [2019-04-06T21:06:24Z] jaybe Exclude directories and/or files from the conversion. These exclusions are relative to the site's source directory and cannot be outside the source directory. `exclude: [DIR, FILE, ...]`
+ [2019-04-06T21:05:47Z] jaybe cryptic0 for sites that leverage interpretive languages i simply include them in the render. actually they require rendering because there's variable interpolation within
+ [2019-04-06T21:05:11Z] jaybe cryptic0 exclude
+ [2019-04-01T15:07:45Z] jaybe as / is root
+ [2019-04-01T15:07:45Z] jaybe would presume / in the absense of it
+ [2019-04-01T14:36:28Z] jaybe which is defaut anyway
+ [2019-04-01T14:36:23Z] jaybe there is no additional path so the baseurl is /
+ [2019-03-31T13:21:24Z] jaybe variablize it when developing