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+ [2019-03-15T17:15:21Z] jaybe ????????
+ [2019-03-15T17:13:01Z] jaybe the trailing slash in proxy pass changes its behavior (nginx)
+ [2019-03-15T16:03:32Z] jaybe jekyll serve help
+ [2019-03-15T16:03:17Z] jaybe —baseurl
+ [2019-03-13T19:27:15Z] jaybe if using default gem based theme then the layouts are within the gem (minima)
+ [2019-03-13T19:26:33Z] jaybe s/default
+ [2019-03-13T19:26:27Z] jaybe using defsult theme?
+ [2019-03-13T18:31:17Z] jaybe s/_layouts/
+ [2019-03-13T18:30:59Z] jaybe ./_lauouts/post.html
+ [2019-03-13T16:34:24Z] jaybe nothing.
+ [2019-03-12T21:03:47Z] jaybe then create awesomeness and publish and maintain it so it stays current and not outdated. :)
+ [2019-03-12T21:03:23Z] jaybe also the basicially basic theme by same author
+ [2019-03-12T21:03:08Z] jaybe s/mistakes
+ [2019-03-12T21:03:02Z] jaybe another to explore deeply is minimal kistakes jekyll
+ [2019-03-12T21:02:48Z] jaybe consider beginning with the default new theme. nice example. pure css. no js. etc.
+ [2019-03-12T20:55:59Z] jaybe cryptic0: waiting on your pull requests? :)
+ [2019-03-10T02:12:42Z] jaybe sure
+ [2019-02-28T21:37:36Z] jaybe aww missed parker
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:22Z] jaybe ./flip
+ [2017-07-26T01:05:17Z] jaybe s/blue ox/brown cow/