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+ [2016-05-13T14:59:02Z] kortti /q in most clients too :)
+ [2016-02-25T14:46:16Z] kortti Sure
+ [2016-02-18T08:24:03Z] kortti Gamah: no it isn't, but a decent community-driven project will want to hear their opinion
+ [2016-02-18T08:23:19Z] kortti Gamah: yes, but when there are 200 issues, it would be nice to have a way for the community to vote which is the most pressing
+ [2016-02-18T08:21:30Z] kortti Gamah: voting would give a general idea, discussions go deeper
+ [2016-02-18T08:20:10Z] kortti Gamah: maintaining an own fork is usually pretty overkill for a fix :)
+ [2016-02-18T08:19:15Z] kortti marduk191: what if there are 20 core issues. What's the most critical? That's my point with the voting. Dev can assess the criticality of an issue yes, but without fine-grained tagging and instructions on how to use them, the criticality-level loses it's usefulness in larger projects
+ [2016-02-18T08:16:32Z] kortti marduk191: how does one person estimate the criticality of an issue?
+ [2016-02-18T08:14:56Z] kortti "Issue: this thing I want doesn't exist in this project" - that's not an issue with project, it's an issue with yourself :)
+ [2016-02-18T08:12:43Z] kortti marduk191: that's my point exactly
+ [2016-02-18T08:11:43Z] kortti "I want that feature" or "I want that issue to be fixed ASAP"
+ [2016-02-18T08:11:22Z] kortti It would be an incentive even for non-techical people to register to github, if they want to broaden their userbase ;)
+ [2016-02-18T08:10:26Z] kortti I think both would be useful. Upvoting issues for prioritization AND separate votable feature requests to help with contributing
+ [2016-02-18T08:07:23Z] kortti marduk191: just had to check the top feature requests they have. Dated 2012-2013...
+ [2016-02-18T08:02:49Z] kortti /rant
+ [2016-02-18T08:02:26Z] kortti That's just frustrating. I know it's they can do whatever they like with their own business, but I don't believe it would be a horrible idea to have a couple of people dedicated to community-requested features and fixes
+ [2016-02-18T08:00:57Z] kortti And I have to add that while Spotify has a decent solution for the community to pitch in, they don't seem to implement the requested features
+ [2016-02-18T07:58:10Z] kortti That would actually be great in OSS projects. "Hey 80% of our active userbase voted against this. Maybe it isn't the way to go"
+ [2016-02-18T07:56:56Z] kortti akamenskiy: true. Didn't think of that
+ [2016-02-18T07:56:43Z] kortti Spotify has a nice feature for this with their "kudos": and yes, many other companies have similiar functionality too, this was just an example that came to mind