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+ [2016-12-29T14:19:25Z] mdw :-)
+ [2016-12-29T14:16:49Z] mdw twidi looks nice, I'll look forward to giving it a go :-)
+ [2016-12-29T14:10:13Z] mdw what are you building?
+ [2016-12-29T14:10:06Z] mdw twidi :-)
+ [2016-12-29T13:48:04Z] mdw also the rendering of the markdown should be improved
+ [2016-12-29T13:47:19Z] mdw I'm planning a rebuild of this app (, it's going to fix loads of the bugs in the present version, and use the new timeline api, graphql to speed things up generally
+ [2016-12-29T13:46:19Z] mdw ah, that's a good point
+ [2016-12-29T13:41:02Z] mdw nice
+ [2016-12-29T13:39:49Z] mdw combining the results of the v3 api with this API to fill in the gaps makes sense probably
+ [2016-12-29T13:39:03Z] mdw A pain but makes sense, could be abused
+ [2016-12-29T13:36:08Z] mdw much better than the REST api
+ [2016-12-29T13:36:00Z] mdw this API is so powerful!
+ [2016-12-29T13:35:14Z] mdw twidi that's awesome. thanks!
+ [2016-12-29T13:32:44Z] mdw thanks
+ [2016-12-29T13:30:54Z] mdw and String!
+ [2016-12-29T13:30:52Z] mdw String
+ [2016-12-29T13:30:51Z] mdw also, what is the difference between
+ [2016-12-29T13:19:15Z] mdw but I can only seem to have one 'issues' field in the query
+ [2016-12-29T13:18:39Z] mdw so I can get a total of both closed and open issues
+ [2016-12-29T13:18:17Z] mdw totalCount