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+ [2017-01-04T15:32:48Z] miklb [[collections]]
+ [2016-12-18T17:33:48Z] miklb s/fornt/front/
+ [2016-12-18T17:33:40Z] miklb webjay right, but without seeing the fornt matter, there's really no way of knowing what is hardcoded and what isn't
+ [2016-12-18T16:20:39Z] miklb I don't follow. What's not editable in a Jekyll site?
+ [2016-12-18T16:13:26Z] miklb so just parse a static HTML site as JSON?
+ [2016-12-18T16:11:39Z] miklb webjay maybe write a jSON template to be built, much like you can do for XML
+ [2016-11-22T19:49:04Z] miklb what was wrong with idea of adding as a submodule?
+ [2016-11-22T01:57:33Z] miklb this will be an interesting development and one I think gets asked a lot in this channel
+ [2016-11-21T01:05:37Z] miklb [[themes]]
+ [2016-11-18T14:35:16Z] miklb \_O_/
+ [2016-11-18T14:31:36Z] miklb you should be good with just gem "jekyll" and gem "jekyll-paginate" for that theme
+ [2016-11-18T14:30:48Z] miklb see those links.
+ [2016-11-18T14:30:35Z] miklb [[gemfile]]
+ [2016-11-18T14:30:01Z] miklb that theme requires the jekyll-paginate gem, so you would add that to the file.
+ [2016-11-18T14:28:47Z] miklb keniobats you will need to create the Gemfile
+ [2016-11-18T03:17:30Z] miklb desnudopenguino ^ might start there?
+ [2016-11-18T03:17:19Z] miklb [[archives]]
+ [2016-11-18T03:17:11Z] miklb ./learn archives is
+ [2016-11-18T03:16:23Z] miklb [[archives]]
+ [2016-11-17T14:52:44Z] miklb they also need to remove the theme gem from config, yes?