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+ [2015-01-31T02:32:30Z] psgs Hello brigada!
+ [2015-01-24T02:19:17Z] psgs I'm not sure that's possible metastableB :/
+ [2015-01-24T02:17:56Z] psgs xD
+ [2015-01-24T02:17:42Z] psgs How's Bill?
+ [2015-01-24T02:17:30Z] psgs Hello BeatrixKiddo!
+ [2015-01-24T02:17:19Z] psgs That should work abetusk :)
+ [2015-01-24T02:11:33Z] psgs Yes, it usually does :)
+ [2015-01-24T02:08:56Z] psgs abetusk, It seems that your repository does not have an upstream remote configured. To configure an upstream remote, please follow the following steps:
+ [2015-01-24T02:08:21Z] psgs Thankyou:)
+ [2015-01-24T02:04:15Z] psgs Would you be able to paste the output of "git remote -v" abetusk?
+ [2015-01-24T01:59:16Z] psgs abetusk, Are you sure your terminal is currently set to your Git repository location?
+ [2015-01-24T01:56:00Z] psgs Also, in step 4, ensuring you checkout the "release" branch instead of the "master" branch, will instead pull changes into the "release" branch.
+ [2015-01-24T01:54:51Z] psgs abetusk, Because, by issuing the command "git merge upstream/release", git is told to take the upstream changes that have already been pulled from the upstream master branch, and merge them into the "release" branch.
+ [2015-01-24T01:48:40Z] psgs This will merge upstream "master" changes into the release branch.
+ [2015-01-24T01:48:25Z] psgs Instead of following the last step (git merge upstream/master), however, the following command can be used: "git merge upstream/release".
+ [2015-01-24T01:47:52Z] psgs To pull changes from the fork's original repository, the following tutorial can be followed:
+ [2015-01-17T23:44:20Z] psgs deepy, You should be able to create a new branch from the feature branch, push commits to it, then pull back to the feature branch.
+ [2015-01-17T23:41:34Z] psgs deepy, To place a commit in a second pull request, simply create a new branch from the original branch, push a commit to the branch, and create a new pull request from that branch :)
+ [2015-01-01T07:16:04Z] psgs When you comment on an issue or comment, people who are watching the repository in which you commented may also receive emails under your name, from "".
+ [2015-01-01T07:15:21Z] psgs Bender, When you add somebody to an organisation or repository, based on that person's email settings, they may receive an email on your behalf, inviting them to join an organisation or notifying them that you added them to a repository.