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+ [2020-02-19T15:41:04Z] sine0 github is down for me, am I the 100th person to ask.
+ [2019-12-13T09:37:29Z] sine0 im just using it on the command line and it is used automatically, I dont know where it is stored
+ [2019-12-13T09:03:03Z] sine0 on my github I have a profile, but when I commit from my computer I have another name used and I dont want it. how do I change it and where is it stored on windows
+ [2019-12-08T13:47:10Z] sine0 nedbat: ok cool. I did it manually but will look into that thanks.
+ [2019-12-08T12:55:21Z] sine0 im following a guide online, everything is via the cli, and then it says: "now createa repo on github"
+ [2019-12-08T12:54:33Z] sine0 hey guys do i have to create repo online using the gui or can i do it from cli
+ [2019-11-29T10:49:54Z] sine0 ok done it
+ [2019-11-29T10:44:50Z] sine0 nothing to commit, working tree clean
+ [2019-11-29T10:44:49Z] sine0 Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'.
+ [2019-11-29T10:44:49Z] sine0 On branch master
+ [2019-11-29T10:44:49Z] sine0 $ git status
+ [2019-11-29T10:44:48Z] sine0 i have ssh key working
+ [2019-11-29T10:44:14Z] sine0 how do I make it so i can push changes from the local
+ [2019-11-29T10:43:57Z] sine0 I have created online and then I cloned it locally
+ [2019-11-29T10:43:49Z] sine0 ok
+ [2019-11-29T10:19:15Z] sine0 {{*}}
+ [2019-11-29T10:19:12Z] sine0 I want to git add all files and sub folders
+ [2019-11-29T10:19:04Z] sine0 I am in cli, i have git init
+ [2019-11-29T10:14:49Z] sine0 I have a folder with my project, how can i quickly make a repo
+ [2019-04-15T08:28:57Z] sine0 k ta